You Can Now Stay Inside The Original Texas Chain Saw Massacre House

by : Lucy Connolly on : 05 Jan 2020 15:05
You Can Now Stay Inside The Original Texas Chain Saw Massacre HouseYou Can Now Stay Inside The Original Texas Chain Saw Massacre HouseJohn Thomas/texaschainsawmassacre.net/Bryanston Distributing Company

The only memory I have of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is hiding behind a pillow when I was about 14, terrified out of my mind and wondering what the hell I was watching.


As you can probably guess, I’m not a huge horror fan. For those of you who are though, I have just the thing for you: a haunted house experience in the actual Texas Chain Saw Massacre house.

That’s right guys, this coming March, you and your friends will be able to sit back and, erm, relax while watching the movie inside Leatherface’s house in Kingsland, Texas.

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The special horror screening will take place at Grand Central Café on 1010 King Ct on Sunday, March 29 and Monday, March 30 this year as part of On Set Cinema’s ongoing film series.


The series sets up unique experiences centred around horror classics at the actual filming locations, so in this case, fans can journey to Kingsland, Texas, to scare themselves silly in the infamous chainsaw house.

You do have to be very dedicated to the cause if you want one of the limited 26 spots though (13 are available for each night), as tickets for the event are between $350 and $400. Yikes.

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It should be worth it though, as here’s how the folks from On Set Cinema describe the night:

I will be setting up a TV inside the room where the infamous dining room scene took place and we’ll have a Texas Chain Saw-a-thon all night long! We can watch the original on repeat, or the entire series from start to finish… OR just skip everything and watch The Next Generation over and over again.

Fans will be able to hang out and sleep wherever they want inside the house… in the hallway where we first see Leatherface emerge from the doorway and smash Kirk in the head with the sledgehammer, or in the room that was filled with bones and chicken feathers discovered by Pam just before she gets snatched up and hung on the hook, or even upstairs where Sally finds Grandpa in the rocking chair.

There will also be games (horror games, board games, video games, etc) and of course a BBQ dinner with headcheese on the side! So fill up your chainsaws and get ready to join the family!

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So although it might be a tad on the expensive side, for that price, guests will get an overnight stay at the iconic house in addition to games, movie showings, a BBQ dinner, drinks, snacks and a goodie bag.

You can’t put a price on horror.


Tickets to the event can be purchased here.

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