You Can Rent Aaron Paul’s Ranch Out Over The Internet

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Aaron Paul, or Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad as we all know him, is apparently now renting out his incredibly luxurious home in Idaho, U.S.

For $560 (£387) a night, the ranch doesn’t exactly come cheap, but I guess its owner is one of the biggest American actors of recent times so it’s not too bad.

Posted on airbnb, the two bedroom house is located in downtown Boise, which is the third largest town in the Pacific Northwest, and its absolutely ideal for those Breaking Bad fans looking to go skiing, snowboarding, or hiking.

In case you’re wondering what else the stylish shack has to offer, then wonder no more – the home offers a geothermal hot spring which powers every room in the house (including the pool), as well as a fireplace which can be seen from everywhere in the ranch, apparently.

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The ad states:

The hot spring pumps out at 180 degrees so you can pretty much have the pool at whatever temperature you would like. The fireplace can be seen from every room and is very inviting on those special nights. After a long day at the mountain this is the perfect spot for you to lay your head.

Step out the front door and you have beautiful hikes just around the corner.

I’m not a huge fan of luxury, but that does sound and look incredibly idyllic…

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But forget about any scenes from Breaking Bad. There’ll definitely be no meth on this property as Paul insists that there is ‘no parties’. Spoilsport – what if we wanted to recreate some famous Jesse, Badger and Skinny Pete scenes, after all?

Paul adds:

Just treat this home like it’s your own, Be respectful of our wonderful neighbours and just simply enjoy. We kindly ask that you have no parties inside of this home. It’s a very special home and we would like you to treat it that way.

I can’t say I blame him too much though. Surely, a few beers would suffice while chilling in the stunning home of this living legend.