Zack Snyder Reveals New Justice League Cut Will Be Four Hours Long

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Jan 2021 08:09
Zack Snyder Reveals New Justice League Cut Will Be Four Hours LongPA Images/Warner Bros. Pictures

DC fans better not drink too much ahead of seeing Zack Snyder’s Justice League, because the filmmaker has announced the movie will be four hours long. 

Yes, you read that right, FOUR hours. That’s twice as long as a normal film, and, for reference, like watching 12 episodes of Friends back-to-back.


Last August, it was revealed that the so-called ‘Snyder Cut’ would be four hours long, and that it would be released as a four-part miniseries exclusively on HBO Max.

Justice League Snyder Cut 2Warner Bros.

However, it seems the creator has had a change of heart about the way he wants people to view the film, because he has since confirmed his version of Justice League will instead be one whopping, four-hour feature.

Snyder made the announcement on Vero, where he responded to a fan who asked him to clarify whether Justice League would be a mini-series or a ‘one-shot watch’. Snyder replied, ‘One shot’, seemingly confirming that there’ll be no time for toilet breaks between scenes.


Neither Warner Bros. or HBO has confirmed Snyder’s announcement.

The filmmaker is known for making his director’s cuts significantly longer than their theatrical releases, and while four hours might seem intense, Snyder has previously stated that he made ‘no compromises’ when it comes to the Snyder Cut.

The director had to step down during the initial creation of the 2017 film, but fans have long been keen to see his version of the movie. There is still no definitive release date for Justice League, but it is expected to arrive on HBO Max this year.


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