Zombies Are Raining From The Sky In First Trailer For Z Dead End

by : Saman Javed on : 11 Mar 2021 12:57
Zombies Are Raining From The Sky In First Trailer For Z Dead EndRestroFilms Entertainment

What would the end of the world look like? For a small town in Colorado, it looks like raining zombies.

In the first look at upcoming film Z Dead End, residents must fight for their lives and their livelihoods as a swarm of the undead descend upon the earth.


The eerie trailer begins with footage of Colorado residents going about their daily lives, before cutting to a news anchor report, which tells viewers, ‘A hoard of zombies were falling like rain’.

‘We thought we had seen it all. We were wrong. Dead wrong,’ the teaser trailer reads, before cutting to scenes of mass destruction, explosions and terrifying zombies.


Z Dead End, which is written and directed by Robert Resto, is scheduled to start filming later this year with no word of a release date yet, MovieWeb reports.


As it stands, funding for the film is still being gathered on Indiegogo, a US-based crowdfunding website.

‘Help us make this an epic one of a kind zombie film together with our amazing cast and crew,’ the page says. So far, £32,748 has been raised for the project.

RestroFilms Entertainment

Joe Castro, a special effects artist who will also be working on the film, said in a video posted to Indiegogo, ‘I will be creating all the crazy, outrageous zombies and gore.’


Already confirmed to star in the project are actors Robert Lasardo, John Fiore and Felissa Rose, who will play the town’s sheriff.

Aside from Resto himself, the film is also being produced by Steven Rears, Steven Escobar and Sheri Davis.

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