No One Can Believe What Pennywise The Clown Actor Looks Like In Real Life

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Yesterday marked the release of the new horror film It – based on Stephen King’s novel – and initial reports are very very good.

It’s looks as though cinemagoers who brave the clutches of Pennywise, The Dancing Clown this weekend, are in for a real treat.

Even Stephen King has given his ultimate nod of approval, which fans of the author will know, is a very rare thing.

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The movie stars a group of kids whose lives are blighted by Pennywise, an evil being who feeds on the fears of children.

The look of Pennywise is suitably scary for the role, he really looks like more than just an evil clown.

It’s hard to imagine what the person underneath all the makeup actually looks like, but thankfully we have the images:


Bill Skarsgård, the actor who plays Pennywise, is almost unrecognisable without his make-up and hair.

He’s the son of veteran actor Stellan Skarsgård, who is known for his roles in Good Will Hunting and Avengers.

His whole family are in on the game – his brother Alexander is in True Blood and Big Little Lies, while brother Gustaf is in Vikings and plays Valter in Black Lake.


Speaking to Cinemablend, It director Andres Muschietti said casting Pennywise was difficult, but as soon as he saw Skarsgård, he knew he had the right man.

Muschietti commented:

Pennywise was a tough one. But the moment that I saw Bill, I got immediately intrigued by him. And I said, ‘maybe this guy’.

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In the film, one of the first things you’ll notice is Pennywise’s wandering eyes, which add to the sense of unease about the character.

The original plan was for it to be CGI, but it turns out Bill could do that himself.

Muschietti revealed:

He was here in the morning and he was doing the trick. It’s crazy.

What are the chances the guy that you picked for the role could do it?

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Mushcietti wanted Bill to stay as far away from the kids who take on Pennywise as possible before filming, to increase the sense of isolation.

Skarsgård said:

Pennywise was this looming force they knew was coming but hadn’t seen yet.

That built an excitement in the kids you could feel when they saw him for the first time. They were probably a bit scared.

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It’s probably not hard to imagine the kids being scared at the clown, even on set with loads of cameras.

It is out in cinemas now.