1 In 10 Think Partner Eating McDonald’s Without Them As Bad As Cheating

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Jul 2020 14:24
1 In 10 Think Partner Eating McDonald's Without Them As Bad As Cheating1 In 10 Think Partner Eating McDonald's Without Them As Bad As CheatingPA Images/Miramax Films

Rustling up homemade dinners certainly has its pleasures, but sometimes – particularly after a stressful day – there is only one dish that will do.

There is nothing quite like leaving your local McDonald’s drive-thru with a piping hot bag of food on your exhausted lap. Perhaps pinching a chip every now and then when the lights turn red.


The salty crispness of the fries, the familiar feel of the beef patty between soft, spongy buns; all of it comes together perfectly to create the ultimate naughty comfort food experience.

All McDonald's In UK To Close By 7PM TonightAll McDonald's In UK To Close By 7PM TonightPA

For many people in couples, picking up McDonald’s on the way back from work is a favourite shared treat, with the question ‘What are you having?’ being pure music to the burger-lover’s ears.

And surely there can be no sadder sound than the rustling of that brown paper bag as they come home, having ‘not thought’ to ring you up to check if you were hungry. Of course you were hungry.


Now, a new survey from OnePoll has discovered one in 10 adults consider their other half chowing down a McDonald’s without them to be as bad as cheating.

Out of the 1,000 people surveyed, it was also found that one in twenty would break up with their better half if they went to the drive-thru without them, the Mirror reports.

McDonald's chicken nuggetsMcDonald's chicken nuggetsPA

After having gone months without so much as a slurp of a quickly melting McFlurry, it’s clear our love for Maccies is as strong as ever. However, even I – who could happily eat a McDonald’s apple pie every single day – have been shocked by the extent of some customers’ loyalty.


One out of five of those surveyed described their first, blissful taste of a Big Mac after the drive-thru reopened as being better than a pay rise. Stepping things up a gear, a startling 16% even rated this feeling as being comparable to their birth of their first child, while 13% considered it to be better than their actual wedding day.

Perhaps most unexpectedly, almost a fifth of football fans confessed to feeling happier munching down a Maccies burger than if their team were to win the league. Furthermore, 46% of participants claimed they would rather go without alcohol than miss out on their favourite burger ever again.

It’s perhaps therefore no great surprise how seriously some people would take a Maccies betrayal to be, with many of us having greatly missed our visits to the golden arches during full lockdown.

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    One in 10 think partner eating McDonald's without them is as bad as cheating