76% Of People Think Yorkshire Puddings Belong On A Christmas Day Dinner

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 25 Dec 2020 09:28
76% Of People Think Yorkshire Puddings Belong On Christmas Day DinnerPA Images

Christmas is officially upon us, and it’s finally time to start asking the big questions in life.

For example, do aliens really exist? What actually happens when we die? And, do Yorkshire puddings belong on a Christmas dinner?


It’s a debate that has divided some more than Brexit or the north vs the south, but the people have finally spoken. And, by ‘people’ I obviously mean UNILAD’s Twitter followers.


I imagine there will be people reading this, thinking ‘why on Earth wouldn’t you put a Yorkshire pudding on a Christmas dinner?!’ And, the answer, my friends, is because of tradition.

Technically speaking, Yorkshire puddings are only supposed to go with beef dinners, because back in the day, the puddings would be cooked beneath the joint of beef, which would be roasting on a spit, meaning all the fats and juicy goodness would fall onto the puddings below.


It’s likely that beef was the meat of choice because of its fat content, however a recipe dating back to 1737, which refers to ‘dripping pudding’, rather than Yorkshire puddings, says they should be cooked below a joint of ‘beef, mutton or loin of veal’.

Of course, traditionally speaking a Christmas dinner is made with turkey, but more people are increasingly saying ‘to hell with tradition’ and opting for other meats, which cater more to their tastes on Christmas day.


And it got me thinking, if Yorkshire puds are only supposed to be served with beef, what about vegetarians, who eat veggie sausages or nut roast with their festive dinners?! Should they be deprived of the joy that is the Yorkshire pudding? Minus the meat fat drippings, of course.

Well, the UNILAD audience has spoken, and according to an overwhelming 76% of you, it truly is time to throw out the rule book and say, ‘Yorkshire puddings really DO belong on a Christmas dinner!’ It’s like a modern day Christmas miracle.


You better hurry up and make sure you, your mum, dad, significant other or whoever else is responsible for cooking the delicious feast has some eggs, milk, flour and oil in the cupboard. Otherwise, it’s not too late to nip round to the shop and pick up a bag of Aunt Bessie’s. We don’t discriminate against Yorkshires here.


Oh, and what kind of potato should you have alongside your Yorkshires? 83.4% of UNILAD Twitter followers voted roasted potatoes are the elite form of spud to have on a Christmas dinner. There you have it.

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