A 105-Year-Old Woman Has Revealed The Delicious Secret To A Long Life


Surely this is the news we have all been waiting to hear – the secret to a long and healthy life is a regular fry-up.

Centenarian Kathleen Hilton from Grimsby shared her secret to long life as she celebrated her landmark 105th birthday – with a full English of course.

The grandmother of six and great-grandmother of nine, has a cooked breakfast every Saturday morning, with bacon, sausage, tomatoes, eggs and beans.


Her son David said:

She has a full-English every Saturday morning and has porridge throughout the week. It must be the fry ups which are giving her the long lease of life, that and good genes.

Both her sons have moved away from Grimsby but Kathleen has always wished to stay in the town and has spent her whole life there.

After leaving school aged 15 she worked on Grimsby Docks as a book-keeper. She also met her husband Matt in the town shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War .

They got married with Kathleen wearing light blue as she felt it would be inappropriate to wear white following the tragic death of her brother Leslie and, after a long and happy marriage, Matt passed away in 1984.


Her son David said:

She won’t have anything bad said against the town. All of us moved away but mum still wanted to stay.

When she went into a care home, we all decided she’d like it best to stay in Grimsby as she remembers all the sights and streets when she goes out and loves the town.

Kathleen now lives in Homefield House care home but keeps up her weekly breakfast tradition.

Angela Dannett, who works at Homefield House, added:

She loves it. If she could have a cooked breakfast every day, she would.