A New York Restaurant Has Banned Tipping And People Aren’t Sure


A New York City restaurateur is ripping up the rule book by including service in his restaurant bills – going against US tipping culture. 

Danny Meyer, who runs two-Michelin-starred restaurant The Modern has banned customers from tipping in the swanky establishment and has instead raised prices by around 20 per cent. Mr Meyer, seen as a New York culinary trailblazer, is hoping to start a revolution with his #hospitalityincluded campaign.

In an interview with NY Eater Magazine, Mr Meyer, said:

I feel that the prices on menus, for a restaurant that’s really trying to offer good value, don’t accurately express the true picture of what it costs for the people to make that happen. You don’t tip your doctor if they do a good job. You don’t tip the airline pilot if the plane lands. It’s actually a demeaning practice.


However, critics aren’t so sure and restaurant owners are divided over whether New Yorkers – who always tip 20 per cent – will take kindly to the new scheme. Restaurant critic Danyelle Freeman says “it feels awkward for an American not to tip. You feel like you are not being allowed to reward an outstanding server.”

However, the pioneering scheme will reward the whole team, rather than just the server, as kitchen employees at The Modern will see their hourly wage rise to $15.25 (about a tenner) from $11.75 (£7.40).


With card and mobile payments becoming more and more common, waiting staff are making far less in tips, the old ‘keep the change’ attitude doesn’t apply anymore.

It would be great to see a similar scheme in the UK as long as the extra money gets passed on to the people who would have earned the tips in the first place, bring it on I reckon.