Actress Priyanka Chopra Smashes Jimmy Fallon In Chicken Wing Challenge Video


She’s already been crowned Miss India and Miss World and now Priyanka Chopra can add ‘Queen of the Chicken Wing Challenge’ to her titles.

The 33-year-old actress destroyed Jimmy Fallon in the challenge during her appearance on The Tonight Show.

Facing off against the host, Chopra demolished a plate of Atomic Wings as Fallon faltered under the extreme heat of the chain’s signature ‘nuclear’ sauce.

She explained to Jimmy that she’s not afraid of feeling the burn from the spicy morsels – putting it down to her heritage.

“I’m Indian, it’s all about the spice,” she told him before taking on the host to eat as many hot wings as possible in twenty seconds.

Not satisfied with the mind-melting level of spice already on the wings she even added some extra Tabasco hot sauce to both her’s and Jimmy’s plates before they got stuck in.

She proved she wasn’t all talk as she scoffed three wings to Jimmy’s one.


“I couldn’t even do one,” Fallon admitted following his defeat. “I got a big, a big chunky one. My first wing was a big wing — I couldn’t.”

Meanwhile, Chopra wasn’t having it: “Excuses, excuses,” she teased in between gasps for air.

She made history last year when she became the first female Bollywood star to land the lead role in an American TV series – ABC drama Quantico, reports the Daily Mail.


Chopra’s appearance on The Tonight Show comes in the middle of filming for the big screen reboot of classic TV show Baywatch – where she will play the villain – alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

That is a pretty impressive CV she’s got going on.