Aldi Is Launching Foot-Long Pigs In Blankets This Christmas For £3

foot long pigs blankets aldi £3Aldi

Pigs in blankets are the absolute best thing about Christmas – okay, maybe joint top with prosecco.

Keep your mulled wine, advent calendars are a false economy and the less said about Christmas crackers the better.

Sure, seeing your family is lovely and watching Christmas films while all wrapped up and cosy is the dream. But can you beat sausages wrapped in bacon? Unless you’re a veggie or a vegan, I think not.

And now – try not to get too excited guys – Aldi has answered our prayers because they are launching FOOT-LONG pigs in blankets this Christmas, and for only £3.


Now, to put this in perspective for you, just think of your favourite foot-long Subway and then imagine instead of a filling it’s sausage and instead of a baguette it’s bacon.

Excuse the pool of drool that may be noticeable in this writing.

People on Twitter are going mad about it!

One person wrote:

Best thing ive heard today that Aldi are launching footlong pigs in blankets for Christmas what a delight

While another said:

Aldi selling foot long pigs in blankets for Christmas is probably the greatest Christmas news ever. Like EVER!

This is the things dreams are made of!

And yet another said:

This picture though. Foot-long pigs in blankets!! And then a three-pronged sausage situation wrapped in bacon! Oh my word, Aldi.

Although one guy seems to be getting a bit worried about the whole thing:

ALDI releasing footlong pigs in blankets for Christmas.

Utterly inconsiderate of the lads who have been lying to their mrs this whole time about what a footlong sausage actually looks like.

Hmm, I’m not sure what to advise you on there mate. Oh, except the fact that she’ll definitely already know you’re lying.

But don’t get excited too early folks, because this mammoth Christmas treat won’t actually be in store until December 6, which is when the rest of Aldi’s Christmas range launches.

The range itself will also include Methuselah Prosecco (check), an Exquisite Chocolate Carousel (check), and Specially Selected Caviar (erm…).

Oh well, three out of four isn’t bad!

Oh, and how could I forget their Wine Calendar, with Aldi encouraging you to:

Pair them with your meals, include them in your recipes, or just enjoy them with friends and family over the festive season.

aldi wine calendarAldi

Some of you might say it’s too early to be getting into the Christmas spirit – after all, it’s still only September.

But when you break it up, it’s really only 95 days. Or 13 weeks and five days. Or three months and five days. Or 14 Mondays away.

It’s going to creep up on us in no time, so put it in your diary or set a reminder or you’ll be disappointed when you get there and they’re all sold out!

I’ll be first in line, that’s for sure!

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