Aldi Is Now Selling Yorkshire Pudding Burritos And They’re Super Cheap

by : Francesca Donovan on : 03 Oct 2017 10:53
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You’ve had a burrito, and you’ve tried a Yorkshire pudding. But Aldi has just introduced a transatlantic hybrid of the culinary staples and it looks incredible. 


The nation’s favourite fifth largest supermarket-cum-bargain-bucket has been nailing their stock intake, with lots of nice but affordable award-winning whiskies, gins and Prosecco, released just in time to warm up your winter, and a wine advent calendar for Christmas.

But just when you thought Aldi couldn’t deliver any more of your stomach’s deepest desires, they go and serve up the Yorkshire Pudding Burrito.


In case you’ve missed out, the burrito was masterminded by the great chefs of Mexico and the dish usually consists of a large wheat flour tortilla wrap that contains rice, beans, and a wholesome meat filling of chicken, beef or pork.


Meanwhile, over in Yorkshire, the locals serve up their hearty meals with a pud made from batter, consisting of eggs, flour, and milk or water, serving it with lashings of beef and gravy often as part of the traditional Sunday roast.

While the new intercontinental dish might totally bastardise the traditional Yorkshire pud – and Mexico’s burrito – Aldi’s new twist sounds undeniably delicious.


It consists of slow-cooked beef brisket in a porcini mushroom sauce, wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding, and comes with red wine and onion gravy that can feed up to five people for the princely sum of £7.99.

You can pick one up during the winter months from one of the 700 Aldi stores nationwide.

The Yorkshire pudding has experienced somewhat of a culinary resurgence of late, and apparently Aldi was ready to jump right onto that bandwagon.


While true pud fans will say the dish never went out of style, and remained a staple all along, the Ol’ Faithful Yorkshire has been revamped by a number of crafty chefs and kitchen-based experiments have left foodies salivating up and down the country.


When a sandwich shop in York started selling a Yorkshire pudding wrap, we found our new food obsession, and for once it wasn’t covered in glitter sprinkles or shaped like a unicorn.

Check them out in the video:

Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

Yorkshire pudding wraps look AMAZING! ??The York Roast Co.

Posted by UNILAD Grub on Friday, 22 September 2017

Glistening with gravy, the Yorkshire Roast Company will make your Yorkshire pud to order with the meat filling of your choosing.

It might just rival your mum’s Sunday roast.

Only problem is you’ll have to go all the way to one of their stores in Yorkshire, Chester, Shrewsbury or Salisbury. (FYI, they also offer a Deliveroo service.)

Or, if you’d rather have the sweet nostalgic smell of a roast bubbling away in the oven – but are lumbered with the problem of being incapable in the kitchen – pop on down to Aldi to cheat your way to a new breed of roast dinner: the Yorkshire Pudding Burrito.

The store has announced they will be rolling out the new addition to its arsenal very soon, as Autumn descends, and you can find your nearest local Aldi online here.

Who knew the national dish of Mexico and the savoury sweetheart of the North of England would make such good partners?

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