Aldi Is Selling Giant 1kg Jars Of Nutella For Just £3.99


First, they brought you inexpensive inflatable jacuzzis, then they delivered every affordable alcohol imaginable, but Aldi have outdone themselves with this newest deal!

Yes, it’s that time again when we here at UNILAD stop with the banter for a minute to deliver you, our dear reader, some savvy consumer advice because we know even the maddest of lads looks after his bottom line.

So here’s the question. How much would do you think you’d have to pay to own a kilogram of Nutella? I know what you’re thinking that would cost thousands of pounds surely?

Well, maybe? I don’t know, I’m not an economist or a supermarket buyer for that fact, but I do know (for the record I don’t) that it would cost in excess of five pounds.

Which is why it’s so impressive that the absolute nutters running Aldi have put a finger up to Mr Nutella himself, told him and his corporate suits to jog on, and put a kilogram on sale for a super low price.

How low? Well, you read the headline so you obviously know but, just in case you’re the charitable soul who clicks on links with the word ‘Aldi’ in them without reading the full headline, I’ll tell you.


Aldi is selling 1kg tubs of delicious chocolatey Nutella with no superficial damage to the box for the low, low, low, low, low, low price of just £3.99.

If you want to get in on this absolutely bargain basement deal (and who wouldn’t) you’ll have to move fast because HotUK Deals, who spotted this ruddy bargain, claim the deal will only last as long as stocks last.

That does make sense to be fair because shops often struggle to sell stock they don’t have. I worked in TESCO for a time and I remember the heartbreak of having to tell a woman we didn’t stock individual bags of Hot and Spicy Monster Munch. The poor dear left in tears.

Anyway back to Nutella, it’s been a crazy year for the price of the popular hazelnut treat. In France, there were literal riots because a supermarket was selling it for 70 per cent off, whereas in Liechtenstein there weren’t riots over Nutella.

Interestingly here in the UK, a place I’ve always considered the spiritual home of Nutella for my own personal reasons, the price of Nutella went up despite the cost of Hazelnuts going down.

This sparked outrage from concerned chocoholics…probably. I don’t know any and didn’t try to find any to speak to because it’s Sunday and who can be arsed today?


The only answer to the rising price of Nutella is obvious. It’s a conspiracy by the suits involved with ‘Big Chocolate spread’ to force the hazelnut loving citizens of the UK off Nutella and onto alternatives like Meridian Cocoa & Hazelnut Butter.

The advantage of some alternate spreads is that they aren’t literally more than 50 per cent sugar and don’t contain any of that nasty palm oil Nutella does.

Which is nice.

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