Aldi Selling Salted Caramel Vodka For Less Than £10


We’ve been treated to lots of exciting food and drink in the run up to Christmas and there’s another little something on the shelves to try.

Aldi, the supermarket behind a huge gin range, chocolate wine, three-litre bottles of prosecco and Yorkshire pudding burritos, have stocked up on their salted caramel vodka.

And to sweeten the deal, it won’t break the bank either, as you would expect from Aldi – who are selling the vodka for just £9.99 per 50cl bottle.


Aldi describes the vodka:

This liqueur is made using the finest rock salt and triple distilled British Grain Vodka. It’s seductively smooth and sweet with a salty edge.

Yes please.

A fair few people who’ve tried it have come back with some good reviews and there are others who are desperate to give it a go.

As mentioned earlier, Aldi have been selling a whole range of delicious food and drink to try this festive period.

Just when you thought wine wasn’t good enough, someone has gone all Willy Wonka and given the public its own chocolate version – and, like the vodka, it costs just £9.99.

Have a look here:


The description is as follows:

Notes of rich cherry and red fruit enveloped in velvety premium dark chocolate means Rubis can be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat or on any special occasion.

It can be served at either room temperature or chilled over ice for that ultimate chocolate experience.

Which, I think sounds absolutely delightful.

The budget supermarket giants are also bringing out their own wine advent calendar – and at a considerably less insulting price than some others.


The collection of wine in the advent calendar caters to all palettes, containing a mix of red, white, rose and fizz included.

It costs £49.99 – which is pretty good going when you consider it contains the equivalent of six full bottles.

The Aldi calendar was created in collaboration with a number of wine giants, including JP Chenet and Calvet and contains vino from France, Italy and Spain.

Those partial to a bit of adult grape juice can expect to find a jolly range of alcoholic treats, ranging from Merlot to Chablis.


Then you have an excellent range of gins to look forward to.

So much so, they’re launching a new range of gins – including sloe gin and pink gin – and they’re all under £20.

It comes as no surprise to find gin was the number one contributor to all spirit sales this year and Aldi says it’s planning to delight customers this Christmas – here are a couple of those you can pick up now.

La Fleuriste French Gin – £19.99 (70cl)

Aldi Is Selling A New Range Of Gins And Theyre Unbelievably Cheap %nameAldi

A floral gin crafted from 17 carefully-selected botanicals and spices. On the nose, this gin is complex and elegant, with delicate notes of blossom closely followed by a citrus and juniper finish, apparently!

Oliver Cromwell 1599 Sloe Gin – £9.99 (50cl)


Aldi say you get an aromatic plum and cherry flavour resonating throughout your mouth on first taste. This is then followed by a hint of almond from the stone of the sloe fruit, giving a full and complex taste.

The London Gin swiftly makes an appearance, cutting through plummy notes with a crisp tone of juniper and coriander.

Chin chin.