Aldi To Donate All Its Leftover Food To Charity For Christmas


Aldi – already winning at festive food – has pledged to give out 20-30 crates of leftover food to ‘those less fortunate’ this Christmas.

Come Christmas Eve, Aldi says it will hand out surplus food to good causes and invites charities who can collect it from stores as they close up for the day at 4pm.

Everybody has been praising the supermarket and urging others to follow suit.

Aldi posted a notice online, which reads:

As our stores will shut at 4pm on Christmas Eve until the 27th of December, we will have a variety of good quality surplus food products that we wish to redistribute in support of less fortunate individuals and to prevent food going to waste.

We are unfortunately unable to deliver products locally, so it would be essential that your organisation is able to collect. We will expect the levels of food available to vary, however estimations of around 20-30 crates will be expected from each store. If you wish to collect all products available, we would therefore recommend providing a large car or van, or being prepared to make multiple journeys.

However you are more than welcome to take as much of the products offered as you can use – you are not required to take all products. We would also ask to ensure that you bring appropriate collection containers (bags, crates, boxes, etc.) as we will only have a limited number of cardboard boxes potentially available for use.

People across the UK are calling for everybody to get retweeting so charities will see

Twitter user Amanda wrote:

Confirmed as true by Aldi. So let’s get the word out. And, come on the rest of the supermarkets, do your bit too!

Since 2012, Aldi has donated food to vulnerable people through their work with FareShare, a registered charity which redistributes surplus food to local charities throughout the UK.

This includes day-care shelters, women’s refuges and children’s breakfast clubs. Between June 2015 and June 2016, Aldi donated the equivalent of over 216,000 meals and said they also provide food to other smaller charities.

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As well as being incredibly charitable, Aldi has been pulling out all the stops in terms of festive treats – not just for humans but for our pets.

The range, which starts at just 89p, includes doggy beer, prosecco, four-course meals and Christmas puddings.

As well as a three-course dinner, you’ll be able to raise a glass and say ‘cheers’ with your four-legged friend, as party-time favourite prosecco is now available for pets with new Pawsecco at only £2.49 per bottle.


The Pawsecco has top notes of elderflower, nettle and a ginseng and limeflower finish, the refreshing drink is best served with food. How very pawfect indeed.

If your pooch prefers a beer, a pint of ‘Bottom Sniffer’ might hit the spot. We all like a pint after a long walk in the park, so maybe your dog would want in as well?


At just £2.49, the doggy drink is made with natural ingredients such as dandelion and burdock and will give your dog the ultimate ‘tail swagger’, according to Aldi.

Best of all, your pet won’t have to worry about hair of the dog the next morning, as these non-alcoholic, non-carbonated tipples are made with 100% natural ingredients and created with the advice of veterinary experts.

As well as delicious drinks, this Christmas Aldi is offering full Christmas lunches for pets.

Amazing work, Aldi.