Alternative Food Will Be ‘More Delicious’ And Eliminate Meat In 15 Years, Pioneer Says

by : Julia Banim on : 17 Jul 2021 15:06
Alternative Food Will Be 'More Delicious' And Eliminate Meat In 15 Years, Pioneer SaysImpossible Foods

A pioneering plant-based food company CEO has claimed that alternative food will be ‘more delicious’ than meat, and that animal agriculture will be eliminated in just 15 years.

American scientist Pat Brown is the founder of Impossible Foods Inc., a company that develops plant-based substitutes for traditional meat products while aiming to maintain all the flavour and nutritional benefits.


At the time of writing, alt-meat accounts for just 1% of the total meat market, however interest in such alternatives has risen in recent times, with consumers showing more concern for issues such as the environmental impact of meat consumption, animal welfare and employee safety.

Plant based meat (Impossible Foods)Impossible Foods

Speaking exclusively with The Washington Post, Brown opened up about Impossible Foods’ pledge to eliminate meat production within the next 15 years, stating, ‘put it on your calendar, because Impossible Foods is going to do it.’

Brown, who founded the company ten years ago, continued:


There’s a long historical legacy of products that no meat-eater would touch with a 10-foot pole.

When I founded the company, my premise was we can’t rely on the political landscape changing, so irrespective of how you feel about climate change, animal welfare and the public health impact of animals in the food system, we wanted to make products that consumers will buy because they’re more delicious, more nutritious and, eventually, more affordable than the ones made from animals.

When asked about how close the company actually was to making a steak or other such fillet-like cut, Brown replied that he had ‘tasted some prototypes that would amaze you’, but didn’t want to launch a product until he was confident it would impress ‘hardcore meat lovers’ as well as vegetarians.

He added, ‘My guess is it will be well under two years until we have an amazing product or products on the market. But that’s not a promise, that’s an honest guess.’

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