American Posts Picture Of Fry Up Attempt, Gets Absolutely Destroyed


It never turns out well when Americans try and make English things their own. First they butcher the language, and now they’ve gone for the quintessential fry-up.

At first glance, it just looks like a stale cooked breakfast that you would potentially ingests depending on your desperation.

But look further into the shade of the beans, content of the ‘sausages’ and whatever the fuck is in that bowl, and the true abomination is revealed.

Facebook - Samara

This American lady was brave uploading her ‘English breakfast’ to the Fry Up Police Facebook page, known for it’s most brutal deconstructions.

People did not disappoint. Poor Samara Roberts will have been put off cooking forever after this…

Harsh words, this woman thinks it’s not even fit for human consumption!

At least the eggs look great. But the sausage ‘doesn’t look like its ever met a pig’.

That will be because they haven’t. She in fact used turkey sausages (why, oh why?!).

Of course people made it political…

Derrick’s losing faith in humanity here…

This fry up has definitely increased my scorn for Americans too…

Jesus Christ tell me they’re not kidney beans.

There is no brew in that mug, but instead…fruit punch. Yep, fruit punch everyone.

A final word of advice to Americans…

Samara did a bad thing and I sincerely hope she has learned from her mistakes.

Now I’m going to construct my own and post it on the page for judgement, that’s my weekend sorted.