American V Full English Breakfast Debate Reignited After Image Shows How Different They Are

by : Emily Brown on : 27 Oct 2021 11:21
American v Full English Breakfast Debate Reignited After Image Shows How Different They AreAlamy

Are you a bacon, beans and tomatoes person, or a fan of pancakes piled high and slathered in butter?

It’s not a life-or-death question, though you might be fooled into thinking it is given the amount of attention it’s gaining online.


The great American versus English breakfast food debate has been reignited yet again after a Twitter user shared an image of a classic breakfast from each country, with the ‘English’ plate pairing bacon and eggs with mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and sausages, while the ‘American’ offers them alongside pancakes with butter.

It may be unpatriotic of me to say so, but for me it really depends on how I’m feeling that particular day. As someone with a sweet tooth I could definitely devour pancakes and bacon in a morning, though there’s also nothing quite like a hearty full English when you’re struggling with a hangover.

That being said, I’d probably skip the mushrooms, tomatoes and black pudding, so maybe I am team America after all.


The question of which breakfast is ‘better’ has prompted responses from Twitter users on both side of the pond, with one commenting on the elements of the English breakfast with the less-than-tempting description of ‘Mushy tomatoes, runny eggs and watery beans’.

They continued, ‘All that london rain got the English eating wet food.’

In our defence, beans are supposed to be saucy, and there’s nothing wrong with a runny egg yolk! The mere mention of beans is enough to turn some people off though, with one person writing, ‘Them folks eat beans for breakfast fr that’s wild.’


Thankfully, there were some people on team England to counteract the comments, with one person questioning the decision to pair pancakes with bacon.

They wrote, ‘English one is less junk. Also pancakes on the same plate as meat? Thats a sin.’

Another person commented, ‘Full English wins every time!’


In reality, people from both England and America have access to the ingredients to make whichever breakfast they’d prefer, so it’s really just arguing for the sake of arguing at this point. With that in mind, I’d like to present a hybrid, two-course breakfast kicking off with eggs, sausages, bacon, beans and hash browns and concluding with pancakes and syrup.

It might be enough to fill you up for the entire day, but at least that would save any debates over lunch and dinner.

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