American Woman’s Attempt At Roast Dinner Horrifies Brits

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American Woman's Attempt At Roast Dinner Horrifies BritsCaters

Roast dinners are a staple of British culture, there’s no denying it. So much so that every now and then, we tend to get a tad defensive over them – especially when people get them wrong.

So when Megan Torres-York, from New Jersey, US, tried her hand at the classic British dish and didn’t quite master it, you’d better believe she faced the full wrath of every single Briton.


Well, not quite, but she did face the wrath of a select few Brits, who just so happened to be part of the Facebook group she shared photos of her meal in. And honestly, I can’t really blame them after seeing the roast for myself.

American Woman's Attempt At Roast Dinner Horrifies BritsCaters News

The 36-year-old decided to try her hand at the roast dinner after joining a Facebook group dedicated to family dinner hacks, saying she ‘couldn’t believe how giant the meals were’ after seeing a variety of roasts on the page.

‘Us Americans are supposed to be known for being large, but I had never seen a meal bigger than the roast dinner,’ she added. ‘I knew it wouldn’t be perfect but I figured it can’t be too hard so woke up and cracked on with it.’


And on she cracked, making a schedule and writing the recipe out in full, spending an entire day perfecting the dish, which comprised of roast chicken, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and – of course – gravy.

American Woman's Attempt At Roast Dinner Horrifies BritsCaters News

So far so good, right? Right. Until she swapped out the cauliflower cheese for broccoli cheese – which although a popular dish in the US is not so well respected over here – and opened herself up to a wave of criticism.

‘We don’t really eat cauliflower cheese here, but broccoli and cheese is a thing so I went with that,’ she explained. ‘I was of course apologetic to the commenters for adding that to the roast.’


Although Megan’s family – husband Matthew, 37, and daughter Charlie, 12 – loved her roast, those on the Facebook group were nowhere near as keen and decided to let her know exactly what they thought. All in jest, of course.

She explained:

Don’t get me wrong, it was all good-spirited comments, it wasn’t mean, but I quickly learnt what not to do.

American Woman's Attempt At Roast Dinner Horrifies BritsCaters News

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It wasn’t just the broccoli and cheese people had a problem with though, with Megan’s lack of mashed potatoes also causing controversy. ‘I will never forget about mashed potatoes ever again, I never knew Brits were so passionate about their mash,’ she said.

The mum continued:

The biggest lesson I learnt was to never skip mashed potatoes, because everyone was shocked that I didn’t have that included – but it’s an awful lot of carbs if you have roast potato as well.

I had one person comment saying if I was ever in the UK to swing by for a proper roast. It went down really well with my family and they really enjoyed it, but if they think I’m making that every week then they’ve got another thing coming.

What I don’t understand is how on earth Brits have the time to make this every week; it’s the type of meal we have for public holidays like Thanksgiving, not just because it’s the weekend.

American Woman's Attempt At Roast Dinner Horrifies BritsCaters News

She isn’t prepared to give up though, and is actually going to give it another go in a few weeks time – this time with roast beef instead of chicken.

Better luck next time, Megan.

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