American Woman’s Baffling Pronunciation Of ‘Greggs’ Has Brits In Tears

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Brits have been left in tears of laughter after an American woman revealed her almost impressively wrong pronunciation of Greggs via TikTok.

Now, Greggs is somewhat of a British institution and a reliably good shout for a lunchtime treat, and it’s great seeing those from other countries showing such enthusiasm.


However, never in a million years did I think I’d hear the name of the beloved sausage roll proprietors mispronounced in such a bizarre manner. As somewhat of a pasty connoisseur, I feel like I should be annoyed somehow, but it’s honestly too funny to stay mad.

Check it out below:


Looking into the camera with complete confidence, TikToker Gabrielle Marcellus gushed about a place she referred to as G.R. Eggs. If she hadn’t been standing outside of a Greggs store at the time, I’d have had honestly no clue as to what she was talking about.


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Describing G.R. Eggs as one of her ‘favourite places to go’, Gabrielle enthused:

If you’re looking for a really great place for breakfast go to this place called G.R. Eggs. They have really good sausage rolls.

However, Gabrielle was interrupted mid-sentence by a perplexed Brit who advised her that the correct pronunciation was in fact Greggs, much to her confusion.


One commenter joked, ‘ever been to TES co?’, while another laughed ‘If she likes it there, she’ll love St. Arbucks’.

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