Americans Are Just Discovering Jacket Potatoes And It’s Hilarious

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Americans Are Just Discovering Jacket Potatoes And It's Hilariouskachingaroo/TikTok/secretlondon123 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Americans are discovering jacket potatoes for the first time. Some are intrigued, others have deemed it the food of a ‘psychopath’. 

It’s one of the most well-known lunchtime items in the UK. Whether you have it with tuna, cheese, coleslaw, baked beans, chilli con carne or a mix of any of those ingredients, pretty much everyone I know has had a baked potato at some point in their life.


If you’re somehow unaware, it’s incredibly simple: you take a potato, rub a little oil over it, you bake it, then you fill it. Boom, you have a jacket potato. Somehow, this concept is just reaching Americans for the first time.

It all started when Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she’d just learned about jacket potatoes, sharing photos of one with beans and another with tuna and cheese. One user replied: ‘I am reporting this to the FBI anyone eating this is a certified psycho path [sic].’

Another wrote: ‘Never in my LIFE have I heard of this, people will either do just butter or cheese or sour cream w/ bacon bits as a side item usually with steak.’


A third replied: ‘As an American, it kind of appalls me that y’all put beans on other carbs (like potatoes and bread). I feel like I’d be overwhelmed at just how… thick it would feel? What’s it like?’

Naturally, several Brits and others who like a good baked potato have come to the meal’s defence. ‘Everyone’s saying they’re delicious but I’m convinced they’re lying. Not falling for it,’ one user wrote.


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Another American warned: ‘I am about to commit a hate crime against the British.’ A third wrote: ‘That is some hardcore 1950s Out-of-a-Can nonsense right there.’

Back in the UK, one user wrote: ‘The number of Americans replying to this who don’t know what jacket potatoes are is bending my brain a bit. For English people this is like saying you’ve never heard of bread.’

The great bean-makers have even clocked the tweet, with Heinz replying to Teigen: ‘Chrissy, your life will never be the same! The crisp jacket potato skin, the fluffy inside.. Some like to keep their Beanz and Cheese filling separate to their Tuna Mayo filling. Are you with them or are you a Beanz Tuna Mayo lover?’


Others have pointed out Americans have no right to criticise the UK’s food considering some of the meals they consider normal. For example, one TikToker shared a photo of a massive burger topped with chicken in buffalo sauce and a chocolate doughnut.

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