Americans Reveal The British And European Foods They Hate The Most


When I went to America a couple of years ago, there wasn’t too much I didn’t like. But I wasn’t too keen on corn dogs. I thought they were pretty grim if anything.

But when the situation is reversed, what sort of European delights do the Americans hate? Well the guys over at Quora asked just that question.

And, according to the results, the people of the USA aren’t too keen on a lot of European classics.

More specifically though, the British dishes that didn’t tickle their fancy aren’t too hard to guess.

Turns out they really don’t like black pudding, blood pudding, or haggis.


Some other delicacies they weren’t too keen on included:

    • Blubber (Euros above the Arctic Circle)
    • Brains (France and Italy)
    • Calf’s head (France)
    • Camel’s feet (the French style)
    • Criadillas (bull testicles – Spain)
    • Frog’s legs
    • Garden Snails
    • Pig Blood (with scrambled eggs – Hungary)
    • Salo (cold pig fat – Ukraine)
    • Sheep Head (Norway)
    • And of course, an Icelandic national speciality – Shark, rotted, and buried raw for seven years before being eaten.

To be fair, it’s easy to see why they’re not too keen on most of these, but you don’t get like The Mountain on a few lousy protein shakes a day, you know.

You get there on rotted shark and Heavy Bubbles. Obviously.