Apparently Golden Doughnuts Made From Cristal Champagne Are A Thing

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Jan 2016 11:51

A New York restaurant is selling a gold-coated champagne doughnut for those who like their deep fried treats to be extra-luxurious.

Business Insider reports that the doughnuts are being sold by Manila Social Club, which is already known for its incredible ube jam doughnuts – this special jam comes from mashing purple yams and is apparently common in Filipino desserts.


These bizarre pastries are purple and cost $40 (£27) per dozen, but the new golden variety will set you back $100 (£68) for a single doughnut.

The luxury doughnut has icing made with Cristal Champagne and it’s filled with ube mousse and champagne jelly. The outside is flecked with 24-karat gold, because it obviously wasn’t classy enough just to use sprinkles.


Some wealthy New Yorkers have apparently been willing to order a dozen for the reasonable price of $1,200 (£818). Shockingly that makes the donuts more valuable than an ounce of gold, which trades at $1,075 an ounce (£733).

The restaurant has been promoting the doughnuts on Instagram, and a number of customers have posted photos of gold doughnuts they bought to celebrate the New Year.


The restaurant’s owner and chef DelaCruz explained where the gold doughnut came from in an interview with First We Feast.

He said:

The Golden Cristal Ube Donut came along because there is a brewery in Bushwick called Braven Brewery, and we know the owners Marshall and Erik. We both started our businesses around the same time. We had a doughnut event where I unveiled a doughnut with icing made with Braven White IPA, dusted with gold. That was the beginning of the golden doughnut.


He explained that he added gold leaf and Cristal because he loves different champagnes and wanted to add something special to the menu to celebrate New Year.

Initially the deep-fried snacks were just for New Year, but the doughnuts have become so popular that the restaurant has had to re-stock ingredients for the rest of 2016. DelaCruz told FirstWeFeast.com: “There has been enough interest that we will continue to [be] creating this donut throughout the year”.

Over a thousand dollars for a box of doughnuts, and I thought Krispy Kremes were expensive…

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