Apparently This Is Why Men Overeat When Trying To Impress A Woman

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Impressing a woman is pretty much rocket science at times.

So it shouldn’t really come as a shock that when guys are out with ladies, they tend to eat more food than when they’re out with their friends.

The study was done by Cornell University and published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, and looked at 105 people at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

When the guys at said buffet were eating with women, they consumed a slice and a half more of pizza, and two and a half more bowls of salad than those eating with men.

According to the study, guys ate 93 percent more pizza and 86 percent more salad when with a woman.

The study does not actually give any information on if the women were impressed or not, and the ladies didn’t change the amount they ate no matter who they were with.

The co-author of the study, Kevin Kniffin, said:

These findings suggest that men tend to overeat to show off—you can also see this tendency in eating competitions, which almost always have mostly male participants.

That seems a new one, but then again, the amount of guys who will order a spicy curry and eat it in front of a woman while crying inside for a pint of water probably means this is true as well.