Ariana Grande Posts Bizarre Tweets About Soup, Everyone Thinks She’s Drunk

by : UNILAD on : 16 Feb 2019 10:34
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I’ll admit, in my younger years, it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to go out and have one too many drinks, and then let the world know on Facebook.


It’d either be a cringe-worthy photo of me doing something highly embarrassing, or going on a rant about how Aston Villa are the greatest football team in the world – to be fair I still do that from time to time.

However, it’s nice to know I’m not alone with the weird and wonderful posts, especially when it comes to celebrities…

Everyone’s favourite pop princess, Ariana Grande, has had fans convinced she enjoyed a few too many drinks last night (February 15), with a series of bizarre tweets.


And what were they about? Not music, not boys, definitely not Aston Villa… Soup!

That’s right, the 25-year-old American singer-songwriter took to Twitter, with a total of 11 soup-themed tweets.

It all started with the star writing:

guys we’re at dinner discussing what soups we’d be if we were soups and everyone knows what soup they’d be immediately and each answer is so different and specific so now i ask u…. if u were a soup …. with which soup do u identify ? [sic]

Seems harmless enough to be fair.

She then proceeded to tell the Twittersphere what soup she was – ‘butternut squash or miso’ FYI – before revealing what her mom was.

Describing it as ‘fucking wild’, her mother’s choice was ‘cream of mushroom w a cognac drizzle’ [sic].


I don’t think I’ve ever considered what soup I ‘identify with’, but now we’re on the subject of it, I’d probably go for beer soup. I’m not hugely into my soups, but I love my beer – and the colour matches my blonde hair – so yeah, that’s my pick.

And before you try to tell me beer soup isn’t a thing – the reliable source of Wikipedia will tell you otherwise:

Beer soup is a soup which is usually roux-based and made with beer. In medieval Europe, it was served as a breakfast soup, sometimes poured over bread. Variations on the recipe use the starchiness of potato as a thickener. The Sorbian version is sweet, with cream and raisins added.

To be fair, there are other recipes out there so go and have a look if you’re bothered!

Back to Ariana. She then had some eye-opening revelations – starting with this:

what’s really wild is how immediately everyone knows exactly what soup they’d be

Errrrrm, I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but ok. Before tweeting:

why is this something people are so sure of and passionate about ? why aren’t more people talking ab this ? [sic]

Bit odd. I don’t think the world needs to be discussing this issue, I’m sure there are a fair few more pressing concerns…


I’m not totally convinced she was drunk – but it seems a lot of you think otherwise.

Most of the comments consisted of the blunt ‘you’re dunk’, but perhaps the best reply I came across was this:

ariana grande is drunk and tweeting about soup I have NEVER identified with a celeb so much [sic]

One person had her back though, tweeting:

You were not drunk so don’t worry about what anyone says because they don’t think outside their everyday lives and come up with topics that’s amusing to your thought of what others taste buds and your interest in soups.. #Komma

And on that bombshell… I’ll leave it there.

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