Asda Are Selling Nando’s Favourites For Just £1.85


It’s a fact universally acknowledged that condiments maketh the chicken.

A mild zingy lemon or a tangy hot spice lathered on your dish can make it go from bleak to cheeky. And now you can channel that Nando’s flavour at home in mere seconds, before you can even open your Deliveroo app.

ASDA has just stocked three new types of Nando’s supermarket sauces, after the success of the mild PERinaise, which was rolled out for your delectation last year.


The chain is now extending their supermarket range to include two new PERinaise dips.

The PERinaise Hot is a knock-your-socks-off mix of Nando’s famous PERi PERi chillies with mayonnaise, while the new PERi-BBQ is a tangy combo blended with lemon and PERi PERi chillies.

PERI-Twitter will be happy:

The Peri-maniacs can add these products to their shelves, alongside the existing offerings which include XX Hot PERi-PERi, PERi PERi Medium, PERi PERi Garlic, Lemon & Herb Extra Mild .

ASDA also stock a selection of Coat ‘n Cook rubs, including PERi-PERi Chicken Mango & Lime and PERi-PERi Original Hot.

The new ‘naises cost £1.85 You just provide the chicken. Delicious.