Asda Launch £1 Magical Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices

by : UNILAD on : 23 Feb 2018 12:41
Mr Kipling

From rainbow glitter coffee to limited edition cereals, there’s been something of a unicorn trend going on – and Mr Kipling are jumping right on it with some little mythical, magical, slices of cake.


The Mr Kipling ‘Unicorn Slices’ are now available in ASDA stores across the UK.

The individually-wrapped cakes are made up of vanilla flavouring with a mixture of a two colour pink batter, yellow mallow and purple icing, accompanied by yellow unicorn decoration.

Mr Kipling

How amazing do they look? If they’re anything like the company’s popular ‘Angel Slices’, I’m pretty excited about these.


They’re only available in ASDA stores for now and are priced at just a £1 for a pack of six. What a bargain.

Karmel Maletta, Innovation Controller at Premier Foods, said:

Unicorns were one of the biggest consumer trends for 2017, with home furnishings, beauty, food and fashion all being brandished across social media with unicorn inspired designs and colours.

We know consumers will be attracted to the stand out packaging and be curious to try something they’ve never seen or tasted before. Mr Kipling’s strength is in small cakes, so pairing this with something fun like unicorn slices, we think will be a big hit with consumers.

Both Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores will begin stocking ‘Unicorn Slices’ from March, onwards.

Last year, ASDA sold a limited edition unicorn cereal, which went down an absolute treat.

The Kellogg’s ‘Unicorn Froot Loops’ were available across the UK for £2.79 a box, for a limited time.

Michaela Mayoh, brand manager for cereal marketing UK and ROI, said in a statement:


The appeal of limited edition character takeovers on pack and embracing current trends is something that works well in store and is popular with our consumers.

Unicorns have been a phenomenon this year and like we have previously, we are keen to tap into relevant trends with wide appeal.

Fear not, if you missed out, you’ll find Lucky Charms‘ latest announcement quite exciting.

They’ve officially replaced the iconic hourglass marshmallow in their cereal with a unicorn – the first time in 10 years there’s been a change.

The unicorn will join the cereal’s seven classic charms – hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, rainbows and red balloons.

Josh DeWitt, marketing manager of Lucky Charms, said in a statement:

Our goal is to not only create a cereal families and cereal fans will love and enjoy, but to inspire magical possibilities and help spark imagination and fun no matter what the age.

Anyway, I’m off to ASDA.

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