ASDA Releases Cheesy Chips Pizza And It’s The Perfect Hangover Cure


What’s better than pizza? Pizza topped with pepperoni? Maybe if you’re an amateur. No, the answer I’m looking for is ‘pizza topped with cheesy chips’.

Well, I have no idea whether it’s better than pepperoni pizza. I’m yet to try ASDA’s newest doughy release, but it’s a safe bet that come Christmas this thing will be an industry standard.

Look at the state of this. And I mean in a good way.

You just know you’re getting it, don’t you? You’ll judge, sneer and all the rest of it but face facts, you’re burning one of these drunk at 4am within the week.


This 13.5 inch pizza only sets you back £4.50 which I think is a fair deal. You could just get a cheaper magherita and then put some chips on top but hey let’s not poop at the party.

An ASDA spokesperson said:

We know the nation has a soft spot for cheesy chips, it’s an undeniable guilty pleasure that deserves to be honoured and what better way than on top of a pizza?

If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgence to create the perfect Big Night In, look no further.

Yeah, I’m well up for one of these now. Christ, I’m salivating all down my top.