ASDA Selling Foot-Long Eclairs And They’re Incredible


Giant food has certainly been in this year and it doesn’t look like the trend is stopping any time soon.

With only a month until Christmas, more and more supermarkets are releasing huge versions of their popular products that are just perfect for the festive season.

Forget the Christmas pudding and yule log, the only dessert we want to see on our tables this Christmas is Asda’s foot-long chocolate eclair.


The popular supermarket has created an absolutely ginormous whipped-cream filled chocolate eclair that is a dream come true.

Available in stores across the country from December 14, the monster creation is as long as three standard-sized eclairs length-ways and is twice the height.

That means it is a whopping six times bigger than your usual treat although I am sure it will only take me a few bites to polish it off.

The best news of all is that they are an absolute bargain costing only £5!

The cheap price tag doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality product though, as the eclair is made from light choux pastry, fluffy Belgian chocolate mousse, sticky caramel sauce and chocolate fondant.

Yes, my mouth is drooling after writing that…


If the chocolate eclair doesn’t tickle your fancy, Asda are releasing another super-sized Christmas dessert that you just can’t say no to.

Asda’s Extra Special Raspberry and White Chocolate Macaron Cake is a giant Marie Antoinette inspired dessert that is a French favourite.

Slightly pricier at £8, the pink frozen gateau is stuffed full with a white chocolate mousse, raspberries and is topped with a light sprinkling of pistachios to make it that little bit more delicious.

This delicate dessert will hit shelves on December 13.


Claire Reed, product development manager for chilled bakery, said:

Straight from the streets of Paris to Asda shelves, traditional French favourites can now be enjoyed by the whole family this Christmas.

Our experts have lovingly hand finished our striking new desserts, adding the final touch of affordable luxury to your seasonal soirée – sure to leave your loved ones saying Oh La La!.

Whole family you say? Nah, this dessert is for me and me alone!