Avocados Aren’t Actually Vegan And Millennials Are Fuming

by : Emily Brown on : 07 Oct 2018 19:56
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While things like meat, dairy and eggs are clear no-nos for vegans, I think most people assumed avocados were still safe. But as it turns out, the berry (yes, berry, I googled it) actually isn’t vegan.

These days, the words ‘millennial’ and ‘avocado toast’ basically go hand in hand. Although the avocado has existed for many generations, it seems to be the ‘in’ food for young adults, and people can’t get enough of the stuff.


Though avocados can be enjoyed by meat-eaters, vegetarians and other diets alike, they are a particularly good source of healthy fats and fibre for those with a vegan diet.

However, according to BBC comedy quiz show QI, it turns out that despite being plant-based, avocados aren’t strictly vegan:

Alongside almonds, kiwis, broccoli, cherries, cucumbers, lettuce and some other fruits and veg, the show revealed that avocados can’t exist without bees.


Presenter Sandi Toksvig explained:

It’s the same reason as honey. They can’t exist without bees, and the bees are used in, let’s call it an ‘unnatural way’.

Because they’re so difficult to cultivate naturally, all of these crops rely on bees which are placed on the back of trucks and taken very long distances across the country.

It’s called migratory beekeeping.


The new fact might leave a lot of vegans desperately searching for alternative foods – though it doesn’t seem like there’s much left at this rate!


As the news broke, millennials across the country took to social media to share their outrage.

One hungry Twitter user wrote:

Avocados are not strictly vegan apparently; same goes for some fruits. At this rate the only thing I’ll be allowed to eat is oxygen.


While another predicted the fury that was going to follow:

Whaaaat? Just read that avocados are not vegan! Good lord there is going to be some serious rebuttal to this from vegan world!


One guy was devastated to learn his very permanent avocado tattoo had been rendered almost irrelevant by the fact, but managed to find a silver lining:

Apparently avocados aren’t 100% vegan? Well sh*t. My avocado tattoo isn’t as funny now. I love the story behind it though. Still makes me smile, and isn’t that what they’re for?

I wonder what the story was…

A few people started to tease avocado-eating vegans about the fact that they haven’t been strictly sticking to their diet, but at the end of the day, since going vegan could literally save the earth, vegans still have the moral high ground.

According to Plant Based News, The Vegan Society responded to the claim, saying:

We are aware that many forms of farming involve indirect harm to animals but it is unfortunately not possible or practicable to avoid the destruction of other animals in most farming at this time.

However, we do not consider that just because it is not possible to avoid one hundred percent of the cruelty, suffering and exploitation to animals that we should not bother at all.

Vegans make a huge contribution to the reduction in suffering and death caused to animals and we would welcome any changes made to farming practises that support this.


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I hope any vegans who decide to give up avocados manage to find a tasty alternative, because I’m sure they’ll miss the stuff!

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