Bakery Launches Cat Poop Cookies For Halloween

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Oct 2021 11:15
Bakery Launches Cat Poop Cookies For HalloweenNasty Cookie/Instagram/Smudge/Tumblr

This Halloween, sweet tooths can wrap their mouths around a lovely, steaming pile of ‘cat poop’.

In some bakeries, you’ll see rows of delicate, artisan patisseries that are just as wonderful to look at as they are to eat; the kind of cupcakes you’d see at a wedding, and the sort of pastries you’d see in a storefront while walking along the streets of Paris.


Nasty Cookie, which produces the ‘best cookies in Singapore’, has a host of gooey, decadent treats on offer. However, living up to its Nasty name, it’s fashioned its latest bake on cat poo.

The brownies, modelled on dark brown, curled turds and served on a biscuit crumbs clearly meant to resemble your pet’s litter tray, are actually a delicious, chocolatey dessert.

‘Sorry for being a party pooper, we simply can’t hold it in anymore. We are releasing something nasty this Saturday,’ the bakery wrote on its Instagram page. The brownies will be available to order from today, October 16, until October 31.


The post has racked up thousands of likes and comments from eager eaters. ‘Nasty cookie taking its name seriously,’ one wrote. ‘I want to try,’ another wrote. ‘Still gonna eat it,’ a third commented.

Cat Poop Brownies. (Nasty Cookie)Nasty Cookie

Others aren’t so convinced. ‘What has the world become? Why do we need to pay for sh*t looking cookie… wtf,’ one commented. ‘Unsee button,’ another wrote, among others sharing emojis of people vomiting or trying not to be sick.

Best of all, some people have seen an opportunity for mischief. ‘It’s all fun and games until someone switch one with the real one,’ one suggested.


Let’s just hope they don’t taste like sh*t.

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Nasty Cookie/Instagram
  1. Nasty Cookie/Instagram