Beckham’s ‘Usual’ At His Local Chippy Is F*cking Ridiculous

by : UNILAD on : 06 May 2016 17:07
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You might be wondering what David Beckham got up to in the days surrounding his 41st birthday earlier this week. 


Was it an extravagant A-list celebrity pool party? A Gatsby themed ball perhaps? Or how about a gargantuan portion of fish and chips from his local chippy in Essex? Yep, we didn’t think so either.

But it’s true. Instead of sticking to his strict diet regime, the footballing demi-god turned up at the Fish & Chicken chippy in Chingford, Essex – where he grew up and went to school – with his 11-year-old son Cruz, reports The Sun.

And just wait til you hear what he ordered.


When asked by shop owner Tuncay Bulbul if he was interested in his ‘usual’, Becks agreed – and his usual is fucking insane for a man famed for his physique.

To cut to the chase, he ordered half a chicken, cod and chips, scampi and a saveloy which certainly suggests that somebody is trying desperately to get their protein and carbs in.

Apparently Beckham is genuinely a regular customer at the Fish and Chicken chippy, and although he posed for a few snaps with staff, Bulbul added that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the superstar to come in and grab his standard order.

She said:

He always orders the same meals.

It’s always a saveloy, half a chicken, scampi, and a cod and chips.

It wasn’t much of thing when he came in with Cruz, I just said hello and asked him if he wanted his usual.

It was his birthday the day before so we think he was coming in for a nice treat.


I can’t blame Becks for having a pretty big chippy tea, however I am left wondering one thing. Why can’t I look that good gobbling on a deep fried greasy tea?

Damn David.

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    Fish and Becks ... David Beckham's comfort food order revealed as he pops into Essex chippie with son Cruz