‘Beer Ramen’ Now Being Served By Japanese Restaurant In Canada

by : Tom Percival on : 02 Sep 2018 15:12

Remember last year when people decided sushi burgers should be a thing? If not, don’t worry because there’s an even stupider fusion of Japanese and western food you can enjoy.


Beer ramen… yeah really.

Thankfully though this isn’t some hideous miso and pilsner mash-up, it’s just ramen made to look like a frothy lager and served in a beer mug.

The ramen’s served in a Japanese restaurant in Canada, called Yuu Japanese Tapas and is known as ‘Chilled Beer Ramen’.


The beer broth is, in fact, a chilled bonito broth, topped with foam made from egg whites and gelatin to give it the perfect beer-like appearance. However, the dish does not contain any alcohol.

In an interview with Insider, the restaurant owner, Julia Kubotani, explained the idea for beer ramen came to her one hot day in Vancouver: 

Thankfully we had a very hot summer this year in Vancouver and one day I was just sitting on the couch and it was so hot and thought about icy cold beer.

And the next thing I thought, ‘why not beer ramen?’


I mean, I’ll be honest, even knowing he ramen’s not actually served in beer, it’s still a hard pass from me, the idea of drinking or eating cold ramen from a pint pot just fills me with an existential dread I can’t quite explain.

Maybe it’s the fact it reminds me of an unfortunate night in a pub where a friend of mine, who’d enjoyed some spaghetti earlier that day, had one too many beers?

I distinctly remember him finishing the last of his inexpensive mid-range lager, turning green, grabbing the now empty pint glass and spewing up what can only be described as the most repulsive Italian meal I’ve ever seen into said glass.

After he’d finished retching he picked up the glass – which now contained a hot pint of half-digested spaghetti and vomit – took it to the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet.


Or at least I think he did? He definitely took a full glass to the bathroom and came back with an empty one. I suppose he could have drunk it again but the prospect of someone drinking their own rapidly cooling sick makes me feel queasy so I’m not going to think about it any more.

All I’ll say it did look a lot like this pint of ramen:

That said though this is only the second worst food I’ve seen this year, charcoal-activated vegan croissants remain the most pretentious and worst edible thing humanity has ever made.

According to the cafe which makes these burned monstrosities, the alkaline properties of charcoal in the croissant ‘help to detoxify any poisons in the body by neutralising excess stomach acids’.

Dare I suggest these charcoal-activated vegan croissants are in fact some pastries the chef left in the oven a bit long in the morning and some creative marketing?

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