Ben & Jerry’s Release Dairy-Free Ice Cream For Vegans

by : UNILAD on : 01 Sep 2017 12:01

Attention all, Ben & Jerry’s have just released three, yes three, options of dairy-free ice cream in the UK.


Vegans and those who are lactose intolerant can finally enjoy the delicious taste of Ben & Jerry’s as the cult ice cream maker has released their dairy-free tubs.

Two of the options are based on absolute classics, Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and there is a dairy-free exclusive, Peanut Butter & Cookies.

Chunky Monkey is banana ice cream with chocolate chunks and walnuts, Chocolate Fudge Brownie is a chocolate combination of ice cream and brownies and new kid on the block, Peanut Butter & Cookies, is vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies and peanut butter swirls.


And yes my mouth was drooling as I wrote that, so don’t worry if yours is too…

All three are made with almond milk and are fair trade.

The flavours will be available from most supermarkets by the end of September and on Ben & Jerry’s website there is a handy store locator so you can track the tubs down.

They will cost you a pricey £5.99 per tub but it is totally worth it!

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