Boy Who Ate Nothing But Sausages His Entire Life Is Now Cured

by : Mike Williams on : 08 Oct 2020 14:32
Boy Who Ate Nothing But Sausages His Entire Life Is Now CuredSWNS

We all know someone who is a fussy eater, but this teenage boy takes the cake – or should that be hotdog?

15-year-old Ben Simpson has, for almost a decade-and-a-half, exclusively eaten sausages. The meaty obsession started when mum Wendy Hughes first weaned him off breast milk. From then on it was clear Ben was partial to a particularly limited diet, as he began to munch on breakfast-style sausages three times a day, with a drink of water to help wash it down.


The boy’s mother said she was about to give up and accept Ben’s sausage-only intake, when she contacted cognitive behavioural therapist David Kilmurry for help. He claimed he was able to ‘cure’ the boy’s culinary cravings, while ridding him completely of the Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder he suffered from, and wean him onto a varied and more healthy diet.


At the peak of his obsession, Ben was consuming a handful of sausages per meal, three times a day, meaning she was spending around £60 a month on big bags of Richmond skinless sausages, in excess of £700 a year on them. ‘For each meal, I give him about four or five sausages. They come in packs of 16 and we go through a few of those a week. I get fed up with buying them.’

‘I knew I had to try something different. He is always moaning and complaining that he is tired,’ she revealed.


‘I came across David on Facebook after my friend suggested having Ben hypnotised. Because we live in Swansea and David is in Coventry, we did it all over Facetime,’ she said of the first meeting with the therapist.

‘We had one session which was about two hours and then we did a follow-up appointment and that was it. I didn’t think it would work as Ben wouldn’t try any food at all. He wouldn’t try a bite of anything,’ Wendy despaired.


But to her surprise, the mum-of-one said she was taken aback when her son began trying new foods. ‘Now, if I give him something he will pop it straight into his mouth not before he asks me what it is. We are getting to the stage where he’s not afraid to try things. Before, he just wouldn’t at all. He would flat out refuse.’


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Wendy admitted before he began his sausage and water diet, Ben would only ever eat ‘finger food’ such as chips. It made attending children’s parties particularly problematic, as ‘he would just sit there, crying, or he would refuse to go where the food was,’ but now, she says, things are different.

‘If we went to a friend’s house he just wouldn’t eat anything,’ she said. ‘He’d say he wasn’t hungry and it was just a nightmare,’ which naturally added to the psychological damage the child was enduring thanks to his relationship with food.

Since the treatment, Ben can finally start trying all the amazing food out there, and Wendy says she’s eternally grateful for the help: ‘I have to say big thanks to David. Without him, I don’t think we would have gotten anywhere.’


The life coach remembers the sessions they shared, claiming to have detected Ben’s condition straight away.

‘During the session, I use hypnotic subliminal wording and neurological seed drop wording to help my patients to open the mind to new foods,’ David explained.

‘I want them to see it as exciting rather than panicking about how yucky it might be.’

Speaking of the lasting success of the teen’s treatment, David said: ‘It’s a full recovery as Ben now consumes anything put in front of him with minimal reluctance. I celebrated online with them both by eating a Bird’s Eye super hot chilli which made me cry but kept him and his mum entertained.’


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