Brace Yourselves, This 67.5 Percent Beer Is Now Available In The UK

Keith Brewery LTD

A Scottish brewery has unleashed the world’s strongest beer on UK guzzlers, just in time to enjoy in the sun-drenched beer gardens of Great Britain.

It’s called Snake Venom and it brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘What’s your poison?’ The Keith Brewery LTD beer has an ABV of 67.5 per cent which should provide a nice, warming beer jacket as we brave the outdoor drinking this summer.

You can watch some wary drinkers enjoy it responsibly in this promotional video:

That’s a higher alcohol volume than almost every other day-to-day tipple, and as you probably know, it will pack quite the punch.

While most watery lagers sit at around the 4.5 per cent ABV – and some wines can reach highs of 20 per cent – spirits such as gin can contain up to 50 per cent ABV.

Evidently, that’s not a patch on Scottish-based Keith Brewery LTD’s Snake Venom, which has a higher ABV measure than some Absinthe.

Keith Brewery LTD

Working out of a custom built brewery in Keith, in the Speyside Whiskey distilling region, the twelve dedicated brewers – and hobbyist beer-drinkers – export their beer around the world.

So while Snake Venom has been enjoyed by an international clientele, it is only now that UK beer enthusiasts can lick their lips and enjoy those hops.

Keith Brewery LTD

Snake venom is made by the craft microbrewery with ale and, apparently, tastes more like a spirit than your usual pint.

The beer comes with a certificate of authentication – and a warning for those connoisseurs about to consume that it should be drunk responsibly and shared with friends.

This is not a bottle to be strawpedoing by any stretch of the imagination!

Keith Brewery LTD

It is reassuringly strong – and expensive at £54.99 for one 330ml bottle. Keith Brewery LTD recommend you drink Snake Venom over ice in a wee signature dram glass. Bottom’s up.

Remember, folks, always drink your Snake Venom responsibly. For advice on alcohol intake, you can contact Drink Aware.