Brit Orders Cheesy Onion Rings Abroad, Gets Surprisingly Weird Meal

by : Tom Percival on : 02 Aug 2016 11:50

Ordering a meal in a foreign country can’t half be tricky.

First there’s the language barrier, then you’ve got to contend with different styles of cooking, not to mention different cultural barriers.


So while you may think you’re ordering some delicious fish and chips, what you’ve actually just asked for is Kæstur hákarl (fermented shark meat) – seriously, it’s a nightmare.


Sam Ferguson, who recently emigrated from his home in Worcestershire to Nairobi, Kenya, learnt this the hard way when he stopped for a snack while visiting the Hotel Boulevard with his brother.

Fancying a greasy and delicious treat, Sam ordered some cheesy onion rings, but when it arrived on his table he was shocked, The Mirror reports.


Rather than a deep-fried golden rings of pure deliciousness covered in lovely gooey lactose, he got literal sliced onions and cubes of cheese.


Sam’s brother Mike couldn’t resist posting the picture to Reddit, saying: “My brother’s in Nairobi, went out for a meal and ordered cheesy onion rings.”

Speaking to The Mirror, Sam admitted that although he ate a couple of the cheese cubes it was ‘awful,’ and the only way he could get through them was by washing them down with lager.


Bet they didn’t leave a tip…

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    Brit orders cheesy onion rings abroad - has a huge shock when his meal gets to the table