Britain’s Only Genuine Bottle Of Big Mac Sauce Sold For A Fortune


A precious bottle of McDonald’s Big Mac burger sauce has sold for nearly £70,000 on Ebay.

It is the first ever bottle of the sauce to be sold in the UK after bidders battled it out for the last week to secure the condiment that was previously only available if you ordered a Big Mac.

According to the Daily Mail, McDonald’s decided to sell the 740ml bottle to raise money for its Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) which provides free accommodation for families when their children are in hospital.


Steve Howells, McDonald’s head of marketing said:

We were overwhelmed by the interest in our Big Mac sauce auction.

It really captured the public’s imagination and we’re hoping to have raised over £65,000 for RMHC which will equate to hundreds of nights’ accommodation for families with children in hospital.

A McDonald’s spokesman said there were several bids of around £65,000 before one person threw in their winning bid of £69,500.


McDonald’s UK arm has worked with RMHC for more than 25 years with at least £3million a year donated by customers from the counter-top boxes and an additional £2.5million raised from customer contributions at fundraising days.

Just in case you are one of the many who have tried to come up with their own idea of what the ingredients in the Big Mac sauce actually are a McDonald’s spokesperson has given a helping hand.

She said there were ‘no secrets’, saying the ingredients of the sauce, which include egg yolk, spices and gherkin, had been on its website for a number of years.

Bacon Clubhouse: McDonald's

The identity and location of the winning sauce bid hasn’t been released, but whoever the winner turns out to be will receive their bottle of sauce complete with a dispenser and a free voucher for a Bacon Clubhouse Burger.

This is because – breaking with strict tradition – McDonald’s is using the Big Mac sauce in its Bacon Clubhouse – the first time it has appeared in anything other than a Big Mac burger for 41 years.

Who is the lucky winner?