British Woman Tries Ranch Dressing For First Time And Can’t Believe Her Luck

by : Emily Brown on : 11 Mar 2021 13:14
British Woman Tries Ranch Dressing For First Time And Can't Believe Her Luckdawnnfarmer/TikTok

A self-proclaimed ‘typical Brit’ has been opened up to a whole new world of combinations after trying ranch dressing for the first time. 

For Americans, ranch dressing is probably up there with ketchup, mayo and mustard in terms of its recognition. You can get it on salads and sandwiches, as a dip for chicken wings or drizzled over pizza, or just buy yourself a bottle and pair it with whatever you see fit.


In the UK, ranch dressing is, in short, not a thing. It’s somewhat similar to Caesar salad dressing, but you’d probably have to visit some sort of special shop or committed American restaurant to get your hands on it. Having never tried the condiment before, ‘typical Brit’ Dawn Farmer was pleasantly surprised when she had her first taste.

Check it out below:


The Leeds-based creator entertains her followers on TikTok by trying American foods and, having already tried Kool-Aid, Lucky Charms and Butterfinger Bites, she received a bottle of Hidden Valley ranch dressing from a follower.

In her video, Dawn explained she’d never even heard of the sauce until a couple of months ago, when it was brought to her attention on TikTok. The ‘mayo-y’ smell initially made her apprehensive, but the taste quickly won her over.

Brit tries ranch dressing for the first timeDawn Farmer/TikTok

After trying her first bite with a stick of cucumber, she quickly started consuming more, saying: ‘Oh hell yeah that’s nice.’


She rated the product 10 out of 10, and in a later video stressed that to say that she ‘liked’ ranch was the ‘understatement of the century.’

Dawn continued: ‘This stuff is incredible. We can’t get it here in the UK which is criminal.’


After receiving recommendations about what other foods would go well with ranch, Dawn paired the condiment with chicken strips, chips – or French fries, depending on your preference – celery, carrot sticks, and a slice of pizza, and with each and every bite she seemed to get happier and happier.

The TikToker stressed that ranch ‘tastes so good on everything’, and told Mashable she’s ‘eaten it on everything since [she] tried it.’

Brit tries ranch dressing for first timeDawn Farmer/TikTok

Dawn’s ranch videos have racked up millions of views, and after seeing how much she enjoyed the product Americans vowed to send her their favourite brands of the sauce in an effort to broaden her horizons even further. Considering how much she enjoyed the first bottle, it looks like Dawn is in for a delicious future.


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