Brooklyn Pizzeria Will Look You Straight In Your Eyes And Tell You ‘Comforting Words’ For $1

by : Cameron Frew on : 01 Oct 2020 15:10
Pizzeria Will Look You Straight In Eyes And Tell You 'Comforting Words' For $1Pizzeria Will Look You Straight In Eyes And Tell You 'Comforting Words' For $1Pexels

As if pizza wasn’t the ultimate comfort food already, this New York City pizzeria is upping the ante.

We’ve all been there: you’re slumped on your sofa, dejected, exhausted after a tough bout of life. It’s just been one of those days where anything and everything either goes wrong or gets your back up, leaving you with lingering scowl. Lord have mercy on anyone who asks, ‘How was your day?’


You resort to your ultimate cure: binge-watching Netflix and a big, fat, cheesy pizza. If you happen to live in Brooklyn, Vinnie’s Pizzeria will give you something extra with your pizza delivery: positivity.

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On Vinnie’s menu, sandwiched between a Large Cheese Pizza and an Elote Pizza, there’s a new category: ‘Positive Reinforcement’, where you can order a side of ‘Comforting Words’.

The menu explains: ‘For $1, our delivery driver will look you straight in the eyes and tell you EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE OKAY AND YOU’RE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN.’


Speaking to UNILAD, Sean Berthiaume, co-owner of Vinnie’s, explained its inspiration: 

I guess the idea came from just seeing how the entire world is completely stressed out, lost and feeling disconnected. The day I added it to our menu was a specifically stressful day because it was the day of the debates.

I feel like people are home all day alone or quarantined and the only thing they see all day is bad news. I thought, maybe if I just sneak this into our online menu, people might get a light laugh. Something unexpected to come across while ordering food… the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

Berthiaume added that ‘everyone in the world has been struggling in some way or another and wouldn’t it be nice to just once hear someone recognise that you’re doing your best? Even if it’s from a stranger?’


While some people have been fortunate enough to have their full families during lockdown, or even a partner or housemate, there’s others entirely on their own. ‘We’ve been open the entire time since the epidemic started and you start to realise that for some people, delivery drivers are the only other actual humans some people see,’ the co-owner added.

Berthiaume made sure his trusty delivery drivers were up to the task. ‘They all thought it was funny and were game,’ he said. Soon after, he slipped it onto the menu.


He continued: 

We’ve found that a lot of people have ordered it for their friends. Someone they know and love who is having a hard time and they want to send a meal to with a little message.

It kind of feels great because we’re delivering pizza and positivity. Which I think everyone could use. We’ve also found that people have been asking us just to write it on notes so that they’re staying socially distant and getting a little message as well.

Since announcing the new item on its Instagram, Vinnie’s post has racked up more than 5,200 likes, with one user writing, ‘There is nothing more in this world that I want but the $1.00 reassurance from Vinnies. Thank Baby Cheeses for you.’


Another user commented, ‘Not all hero’s wear capes… they deliver pizza.’ A third wrote, ‘Hello, I’d like to place an order for all of my friends.’ Fellow pizza company Tony Baloney’s also wrote, ‘We f*cking love you guys.’

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