Burger Chain Renames All Its Food After Office Supplies So People Can Claim Expenses

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Burger Chain Renames All Its Food After Office Supplies So People Can Claim ExpensesGood Fortune Burger/Pexels

A burger chain has craftily renamed all of its food items after office supplies, allowing customers to claim expenses. Very sneaky indeed.

Items such as ‘Mini Dry Erase Whiteboard’ and ‘Silicone Keyboard Cover’ might not sound too appetising on an invoice, but one look at the Good Fortune Burger menu and your mouth will be watering.


The CPU Wireless Mouse is actually a more-ish bag of parm fries, while the Ergonomic Aluminium Laptop Stand is actually a very juicy looking burger, piled high with two patties and two slices of cheese.

Based in Toronto, Good Fortune Burger has started offering #RECEATS, renamed food items disguised with the names of hum-drum, unappealing office supplies. But don’t worry, you won’t find a stapler in any of these buns.


Jon Purdy, Director of Operations at Good Fortune Burger, told blogTO:

We just wanted an opportunity to put a smile on some people’s faces and have them have a little bit of a giggle.


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Tongue-in-cheek Instagram posts advertising the range contain jokey captions such as, ‘Ethical? No. Delicious? Yes’, with hashtags such as ‘#DontGetFired’.

One caption advised customers not to try their luck with this unless they have a nice boss, and I would absolutely second this. Although I’m personally quite partial to a burger, I’ve yet to find one tasty enough to risk losing my job over.


Some people have expressed concerns that this tempting offer will lead to employees taking the mickey a bit, chowing down take-outs on the company coin. However, Purdy has emphasised that, ‘There’s no malice intended in it, it’s all just fun and games’.

#RECEATS is available for a limited period for those within Good Fortune Burger’s John & College locations, and can be ordered through UberEats.


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