Burger King Have Opened A Spa In One Of Their Restaurants

by : UNILAD on : 13 May 2016 12:12

It seems like a truly bizarre mash-up is now a reality as Burger King has opened a spa in one of its restaurants.


That’s right, the world’s first Burger King spa now exists on the ground floor of the Mannerheimintie branch in Helsinki, Finland, reports Time.

According to the dedicated website, it contains a sauna – big enough for 15 people which is ‘perfect for social gatherings or work’.


Work? I mean, obviously the Finns love a sauna, but a high level business meeting while sweating, practically naked and chowing down a Whopper seems a little too much.


According to reports, the sauna even comes equipped with a 48″ TV and a selection of branded Burger King towels. Lovely stuff.

Next door there is a media lounge housing an enormous 55″ giant screen and – best of all – a Playstation 4.


And of course – you can order in. Just place your order when you arrive and as soon as you’ve slipped into your speedos you can eat a bacon double cheeseburger and large fries while simultaneously sweating out the toxins.

I genuinely can’t decide whether this represents a moment of true inspiration or horribly misguided experiment,.

But, If you are interested, the spa costs £200 to hire for three hours, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t include lunch…

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    Burger King Just Opened a Spa In One of Its Restaurants