Carrot Cake Oreos Are Now Available And They’re The Cookies Of Dreams

carrot cake oreosOreo

So much for a month of healthy eating after the Christmas indulgence. Throw out that plan of nothing but soups and salads, as Oreo have just tempted us back to the world of decadence.

There’s a new cookie out there folks, and it needs to be tried and tasted. Yesterday (January 2), Oreo unleashed their new Carrot Cake Cookies on the world.

They may sound weird, but Oreo rarely get things wrong when it comes to their delicacies, so I’m willing to bet these taste pretty darn good.

You’ll still get the usual Oreo cream filling, but this time it’ll be cream cheese filling. And rather than the chocolate biscuit outside, you’ll get carrot cake-flavoured goodness. I’m down for that. I don’t have carrot cake often, but I’m always pleasantly reminded of just how good it is when I do.

Food reviewer Junk Banter posted about the new biscuits on Instagram, and seemed pretty pleased with the new flavour, writing:

I’m so happy I could cry. I may not have won the $500,000 prize when I submitted this flavor for the My Oreo Creation Contest, but I couldn’t care less because Nabisco has finally paired my favorite cake with my favorite cookie to produce new Carrot Cake Oreos, available today at most major retailers! [sic]

Bonus: this has the word “carrot” written on it, so if your New Years Resolution was to eat more carrots and sh*t… partial credit. [sic]

Note that the actual wafer is a new one, a carrot cake flavored one, and the ingredients list spice, graham flour, and corn cereal. These aren’t limited edition either! [sic]

Also hitting shelves this year are full-sizes Oreo Creme Eggs. You know, the famous chocolate eggs with that gooey white and orange centre?

Well, that’s now going to be a concoction of Oreo deliciousness – and it’s not just for Easter – they’re hitting shelves this January.

At 175 calories, the Oreo Egg clocks in two whole calories healthier than a regular Creme Egg, which have 177, if you’re counting. And they’ll cost a modest 58p.

Cadbury brand manager, Aislinn Campbell, said, as per Metro:

We are constantly listening to what our customers want and we know fans went wild last year when they heard about the Oreo Egg.

So for Easter 2019, we are bringing this to the UK and we cannot wait for everyone to try it.

Speaking of Creme Eggs, Cadbury is launching a white Creme Egg hunt, and if you find one you could win £10,000.

The company are launching 783 white Creme Eggs into the world. They’ll sneakily be concealed beneath ordinary wrappers, lying in wait for a few lucky people to find them, and be in with a chance of winning one of the eight huge £10,000 rewards.

The hunt begins on January 14, so be prepared to stock up on as many of the sweet treats as you can, and just hope you’ve managed to snag one of the special white ones!

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