Chef Turns A McDonald’s Into Fine Dining Dish, Fools Food Experts

by : UNILAD on : 08 Jul 2016 13:44

For better or worse the Big Mac has got to be one of, if not the, most iconic burgers in the world. 


Most people would easily recognise the ‘distinctive’ flavour of the burger, but what if it was presented to you in a way that not only you’d never seen before but you would have little chance of recognising at all?

Chef Jaimie van Heije was challenged by Lifehunters TV to turn the ingredients of the notorious sandwich into a brand new high class dish, reports The Mirror.

His task was to use all but one of the Big Mac ingredients – two beef patties, a pickle, salad, melted cheddar – and of course, the sauce.


To get his head around the challenge, Jaimie visited a Big Mac factory in Germany after admitting that he hadn’t eaten a Big Mac in around three years.


Jaimie was actually pretty surprised by the quality of his ingredients, saying:

I found out that the meat is pretty good, and made from big pieces.

And it has character, because I’ll use meat from the shoulder and the brisket to make steak tartare, and I’ll add some flank steak fat to make it more juicy.

I’ll mix it with the Big Mac sauce to keep the original character.


As well as reinventing the flavours, Jaimie also applied his high level presentation skills to his dish and presented his creation to fellow chefs.

And it seems like his dish was a hit. As they tasted it one said: 

The tanginess of the tartare was striking, and the added pickle made it very good to eat.


Maybe it won’t be too long before we see a few high-end McDonald’s hitting South Kensington…

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    Top chef transforms McDonald's Big Mac into haute cuisine - but will it fool experts?