The Chicken Connoisseur Wants To Open A Chicken Shop Called ‘Wings An Dat’

by : UNILAD on : 16 Dec 2016 16:45

If 2016 was a person, it’d be the guy who turns up at your house party and shits in the kettle. If it was a movie in cinemas, we’d have been asking for refunds in February. If it was a song, it’d be a Rebecca fucking Black song… you see what i’m getting at. 


But all of a sudden, as the year draws to a close, along came Elijah Quashie AKA The Chicken Connoisseur to give us hope. To remind us that although 2016 took so many of our idols, there is good in the world. That no matter what happens, we’ll still have chicken. Glorious, glorious chicken.

The Chicken Connoisseur became a viral sensation overnight with his reviews of London chicken joints on his YouTube channel, The Pengest Munch.


The concept is simple. The Chicken Connoisseur orders the same meal from different establishments (or bossmen as he refers to them) and gives the food a rating. But the genius is in the simplicity of it all.

During one review he said: 

The fillet was a serious ting – the thickness was there. Bossman did well.

It wasn’t long before the cult food reviewer made national television with a truly iconic appearance on ITV News.

But what’s next for the best food critic in London? Well, he wants to open his very own chicken shop. And nothing has ever made more sense.

When asked if he’d be interested in opening a chicken shop, he told UNILAD:

Yeah, something like that. [It’d be called] Wings an Dat.


The viral phenomenon has also called for the UK to catch up on the Japanese tradition of eating KFC for Christmas dinner.

He said: 

I hear the Japanese have the right idea of bucking up their local KFC for Christmas. That’s the source of their innovation I reckon, we need to catch on to that Fried Chicken tradition asap.

2016 has been saved.

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