Creme Egg Peanut Butter Is Officially A Thing At Last


There’s been an incredible development which is promising to shift the food landscape forever.

It seems like Creme Egg wizardry may have reached new heights as one inspired company has come up with – wait for it – Creme Egg peanut butter!

According to the Southport Visiter, the innovative new spread is the handiwork of the geniuses at the Funky Nut Company, who appropriately chose Peanut Butter Lovers Day (March 1) to unveil it to the world.

Managing director Ken Crisp told the Visiter that they are releasing the Cadbury’s Cream Egg limited edition peanut butter to celebrate Easter.

But, don’t worry, if you can’t wait that long it looks like it’s also available to buy from their website already and people seem to be pretty damn happy about it…

The firm has been delighting foodies with their off-kilter combinations since it was established back in 2014, with particular favourites including honey and sea salt, Chinese spice, and cashew butter.

This news comes just days after McDonald’s announced plans to bring back their legendary Creme Egg McFlurry.

Who knew there was so much love out there for the humble Creme Egg?