Cronut Inventor Is Opening A Bakery In The U.K. And We’re Very Excited

by : UNILAD on : 21 Jan 2016 16:16
Thomas Schauer/Cronut®

It seems like ages ago that a chef thought of combining a croissant and doughnut to create the glorious Cronut and it’s fair to say the foodie hybrid took New York by storm.


But, that was nearly three years ago now and not many have done it justice in the U.K., especially Greggs piss poor attempt which didn’t really take off, surprisingly.

So, who better then the inventor himself to bring this creation across the Atlantic to us Brits and show us how it’s done?

Buck Ennis

Step forward Dominique Ansel. Owner of the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York, he is set to launch his first bakery in London at some point in 2016.


Dominique announced it on Instagram by posting a picture of one of his famous pastries decorated with the Union Jack flag.

The chef said he was “thrilled” about his new venture.

He said:

Growing up so close to London, I never had a chance to visit until I was much older and immediately fell in love with the blend of cultures and the spirit of the place [sic]. I’m so grateful at the chance to share a little of what I do with you all.

Dominique Ansel/Instagram

According to the chef’s website, the cronut was created in May 2013 and has been trademarked by Dominique Ansel Bakery. The pastry is made with laminated dough and once cooked, it is rolled in sugar, filled with cream and finished with glaze.


The pain-staking process means the Cronut takes three days to make and there is a different flavour available each month.

Ari Perilstein

Currently, Cronuts set pastry fans back $5.50 in New York, so at London prices you’re probably looking at having to trade your leg for one, but it’ll be worth it…

In a nutshell they’re donuts with probably double the calories of a regular doughnut, but it’s fair to say they look awesome as fuck… How could you not want one of these bad boys?

I need these in my life, ASAP.

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