Customer Furious After Her $5 Sandwich Comes With Two Tiny Bits Of Meat

by : Julia Banim on : 02 Jul 2019 18:44
Customer Furious After Her $5 Sandwich Comes With Two Tiny Bits Of MeatCustomer Furious After Her $5 Sandwich Comes With Two Tiny Bits Of MeatFacebook

A customer from New Zealand has been left understandably infuriated after receiving an exceedingly disappointing sandwich.


As we all know, a sandwich can more often than not make for a deliciously filling lunch, particularly when you’ve got plenty of crusty bread and a decent slab of cheddar.

However, this sandwich was heaven and hell apart from your favourite lunchtime treat, with its grim sparseness bordering on cruelty…


The irate customer shelled out $5 (NZD) for her sarnie (£2.64) which would probably get a whole shop-bought sandwich, or even the majority of a meal deal here in the UK.


However, when this sandwich arrived, it was clear she was not getting her money’s worth ingredients wise, as reported by the MailOnline.

The ‘filling’ was actually anything but, with sneaky cafe workers pushing minuscule pieces of ham to the edge of the sandwich to make it appear as if they had served a full butty.

Aghast, the aggrieved customer took to Facebook to share the abysmal sham of a sandwich she had been dealt, with the flaccid looking facsimile sparking outrage.

The nation's favourite sandwich is changing.The nation's favourite sandwich is changing.Deposit Photos

Commenters were left just as stricken as the customer, and no wonder. We all have an idea in our heads of what the perfect sandwich should look like and, regardless of personal filling choices, we can all agree this is an absolute travesty.

One person observed:

Very sneaky – place the strip at the front of the sandwich to give the impression the rest of the sandwich also has ham.

Others provided a livid list of adjectives to describe this buttery slap in the face, including, ‘disgraceful’ and ‘terrible’.


At the time of writing, it is unclear whether or not the woman has returned to the cafe to make her opinions known.

However, even as somebody who desperately tries to avoid becoming a complaining Karen, I know I would be marching right through those cafe doors, sandwich clutched in my shaking fist. What an absolute joke.

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