Customer’s NOPE Photo Will Put You Off McDonald’s Milkshakes For Life


If you needed any further motivation to stick to a healthy New Year diet look no further.

A customer -who wishes to remain nameless, according to The Sun– at a McDonald’s in Sheffield was left horrified by the disgusting contents sold to him as a milkshake.

They even took a photo as evidence and it will probably put you off Maccies for life…

That looks rancid, and staff weren’t exactly helpful…

The man told SunOnline:

Grossest McDonald’s milkshake I’ve ever had and all the guy behind the counter said was it looks how our food tastes.

He did give me another one though and I got £10 of vouchers for free.

A spokesman for the fast food chain said of the incident:

We apologise this customer was served a frozen milkshake in this instance.

The customer was offered a £10 voucher which has been accepted.

There looks a whole lot more wrong with that than it just being frozen – but hey, nothing ten quid of vouchers can’t fix!

Kieron Curtis

Kieron Curtis

An NCTJ Journalist with an MA in Sports Journalism, Kieron is an experienced social media journalist who has worked in the industry since 2015. His experience includes work with ITN, the MEN, WISH/WIRE/TOWER FM, and 8:50 Sports Digest... not forgetting his time at ASDA.