Customer’s NOPE Photo Will Put You Off McDonald’s Milkshakes For Life


If you needed any further motivation to stick to a healthy New Year diet look no further.

A customer -who wishes to remain nameless, according to The Sun– at a McDonald’s in Sheffield was left horrified by the disgusting contents sold to him as a milkshake.

They even took a photo as evidence and it will probably put you off Maccies for life…

That looks rancid, and staff weren’t exactly helpful…

The man told SunOnline:

Grossest McDonald’s milkshake I’ve ever had and all the guy behind the counter said was it looks how our food tastes.

He did give me another one though and I got £10 of vouchers for free.

A spokesman for the fast food chain said of the incident:

We apologise this customer was served a frozen milkshake in this instance.

The customer was offered a £10 voucher which has been accepted.

There looks a whole lot more wrong with that than it just being frozen – but hey, nothing ten quid of vouchers can’t fix!