Does Nando’s Actually Have A Secret Menu?

by : Tom Percival on : 21 Dec 2015 13:24

Nando’s was accused of being a bit ‘cheeky’ over the weekend for not advertising a ‘secret menu’ that had several extra options on it. However, it seems that the reports may have been a bit exaggerated.

The Independent reported that a woman claiming to be a Nando’s waitress had revealed several secret menu options which are available to order from the popular restaurants, if you know what to ask for.


Unfortunately, the story was a bit inaccurate. The ‘secret menu’ story was sourced from the online forum Quora, where someone asked about a “mushroom side” order that comes on its own. The waitress then responded saying that you can get the mushroom side and that there were several secret items on the menu that the public didn’t know about.


Bad news though, although these items did exist when the post was made, it was actually published over a year ago and the items have since been discontinued as the peri-peri chicken restaurant’s menu has evolved.

A Nando’s spokesperson told us: “This is old news, the post was made a long time ago and the menu has changed several times in the last year.”


Another spokesperson denied there being a secret menu, saying: “The source was from 2014 so the information was completely out of date.”

So, sorry people, but the fabled secret menu doesn’t exist.

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    Nando’s server reveals vegetarian-friendly ‘secret menu’ options